Name Artist
77 Wishes Little Noise
A Country School Sharon Heaslip
All The Trouble Kickstart
All Tied Up Glenn Shayne
Allusion Cestus
Back Seat Lisa Bell
Baila Conmigo Wito Rodriguez
Basement Apartment's Stand Alone
Be Here Now Ecstacy of Love
Believe Jessica Storm
Better Days Creighton Daniel
Black Magic Michael Lumby
Break Down The Wall Spooky Action at a Distance
Bourbon Breakdown Andrea Goodman
Breathe Charrlonmane Collective
Breathless Aaron Kusterer
Broken Land Lorne Brinkman
Bubbles In The Wind Danny Petroni The Blue Project
Burning Desire Bacon Fat
Burnt Church Ron Ramsey, Jr.
Can't Leaver Her Alone Dennis van Aarssen
Can't Stop Running Charles V. Rox Vaccaro
Chiseled in Stone The Enemy Line
Cold Cold Winter Marina V
Come Journey Shane
Comfort Me The Kim White Band
Deserves to be Loved Kari Holmes
Dodged That Bullet Juli Tapken
Done With That Addison Paul
Easy Soul Jorge Rodrigues
Eileen James Thomas Band
Enemy In Shadows We Rise
Eu vou por ti Amado
Even if You're Gone Edge
F Yourself Atrocity Girl
Fire Third I
Friday Night Madness Tony Jj(jayjay)
Girl From Your Hometown Red Moon Joe
Girl Next Door Jennie Angel
Give It To Me Good Mark Gus Scott
Gun From My Hands John Eason
Hey You The TGR Project
Hole Me Until I'm Whole Hyoersonic
Hollow Trick the Riddle
House of Cards Victor Eckler
I Believe Steve Leads
I Drink Alone Pebo Wilson
I'm a Mama's Girl Brenda Kaye Perry
I'm The Bee Man Darrell Cunningham
I Wouldn't Call It Revenge Katie Ann
It's You Christopher Labi Rance
Joyce of the Market The Pinkerettes
Let It Ride Ecstasy Of Love
Love & War Stephen Capaldi of Hope Springs Eternal
Love Never Fades Hipbone
Lucky Me Pandora
Mamma I Know The Cloud Pilot
More Love To Begin Douglas MacKenzie
Movin On Karlton Timmerman
MRI Urban Guerillas
Nightmare Arania
On The Road JonnyTheBand
One Piece of My Heart Martin Ashe Originals Band
One Too Many Mucky Scoundrel
Paper Doll Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society
Picture Frame Mane Attraction
Rainstorm Bent Roads Tavern
Resting Bitch Face Blues J2C
Rock After Midnight The Cloud Pilot
Say I Do Eric Atkinson
Secrets Off Center
Shelter Charrlonmane Collective
Show Me Ecstasy Of Love
Something Real Angel Moth
Storm Clouds in the Sky Pastor Peter Unger
Sweet Virginia Amy Martin
Take Me With You Ava Toton
Tatoo Blues Elizabeth Jane Hansen
The Last Thing Mental Shift
To My Friends Josie Bakker
Too Many Lines Cyberstein
Transcend Zolto
Veils Max & Los Americanos
Where I Belong Grainne Duffy
While We Can Gary Luong
With Friends Like These Ava Toton
You The Cloud Pilot
You Can't Quarantine The Heart Alexandre Vigör
X-Rated Choice Not Chance
Zombie Girl Killing Stars